„July 12, 1994. At first it was the idea, followed by a dream turned into reality. At first we were just the three of us and we worked only in Iași. Now, we have valuable partners all over Europe. I know it’s all about hard work, perseverance, seriousness, innovation, consistency and longevity. And I also know that Ch-C will be led by the next generations. This is what our father wanted 28 years ago, to create a company for generations.”

Radu-Gabriel Ciobanu, CEO

Radu-Gabriel Ciobanu


Vasile Ciobanu


Stefan Ciobanu

Business Unit Manager

Geta Ciobanu

Head of Bussines Development

Cristian Logigan

Head of R&D

Marian Zgăvîrdici

Head Of Production

Ionuț-Marian Colbea

R&D Project Manager

Mirela Pasere

Supply Chain Manager

Liviu Bitiușcă

QA Manager