After a fulfilling career in chemistry and many years spent working for two important chemical players in Romania (Antibiotice S.A. & Institute of Macromolecular Chemistry "Petru Poni"), Mr. Vasile Ciobanu has founded Chemical Company. In the beginning, the main activity was the production and distribution of analytical reagents.
Radu Ciobanu, the eldest son and recent graduate of the Faculty of Chemistry, joins his father and takes part in developing the family business.
Ch-C extended the manufacturing site in Iași, which has become, over the years, the company’s headquarters with administrative offices, production area and storage halls.
Ch-C started the dangerous chemical waste management by collecting historical chemical reagents from all over Romania, solving a real environmental problem and, at the same time, capitalizing on a new opportunity in the market.
The company obtained its first ISO 9001 certification which sets the criteria for a quality management system.
Ștefan Ciobanu, the youngest son, joins his brother and father in the company’s management.
The company focused on the production of customized chemical solutions with high added value and applicability in various industries and fields, from substances used for anti-hail equipment, to chemical products used for oil wells. Ch-C started to become a strategic partner for major national and multinational companies
Ch-C started to produce fine chemicals by multi-step synthesis, first in exclusiveness for a German company.
The company implemented the international ISO 14001 standard for environmental management.
The third company unit – the commercial chemicals division - and its first brand, Kloer, were created. Kloer was launched in the biggest DIY chain stores in Romania and is the only Romanian brand of pool water products.
The company’s exclusive partnership ended, therefore Ch-C started working with new clients, developing successful custom synthesis projects especially in the Western Europe and Israel.
The international standard ISO 45001, which establishes the requirements for the occupational health and safety management system, has been applied.
This is the year when Radu Ciobanu takes over the management of the company and fulfills one of his father’s wishes: to create a company for generations.
Ch-C started expanding the R&D department and developed more custom synthesis products with own know-how and multi-step synthesis reactions.
The company developed Dr. Chemical, a commercial brand of professional disinfectants, efficient against Coronavirus. Due to the lack of disinfectants in Romanian hospitals and institutions, Ch-C stepped in and donated a large part of our production, in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.
The company implemented an integrated and environmental authority permit.